Roll for Shoes

Minimon: Miniature Monsters

A team of miniature monsters helps their Coach track down and capture their last missing monster.


You’re a team of Minimon, helping your Coach collect and catalogue the planet’s diverse array of your fellow creatures. Your Coach has nearly got ‘em all—save for one last, elusive Minimon.

  • What is the final Minimon (name and description)?
  • Why is it so hard to find?
  • How has it evaded capture so effectively?

Every Minimon has a unique resemblance to an animal or object, and most have an elemental affinity. Write down the following:

  • Your Minimon species name
  • A brief description of the species
  • Your element, if you have one
  • How you first encountered your Coach


Coming soon

Random Tables

Roll for NPC adjectives on NPC Tables.


  1. The infamous Missile Squad
  2. The non-specific mafia
  3. A lunatic scientist
  4. Your Coach’s nemesis
  5. A rogue, angered minimon
  6. A legendary minimon


  1. Slimy swamp
  2. Snowy mountain
  3. Spooky cave
  4. Sunny beach
  5. Tangled forest
  6. Windy desert