Roll for Shoes

Power to Shields!

A crew aboard a starship is given a demand by an enemy ship that will attack if they don’t comply. They must handle the situation and attempt to deal with the threat.


You are all members of the prestigious Spacefleet. You are currently onboard a medium-sized starship, along with hundreds of other crew members and passengers.

  • What is the name of this ship?

The ship’s crew is tasked with an important mission, critical to the Spacefleet goals in this area of space.

  • What is the ship’s stated mission?
  • What is your next destination?

As members of the Spacefleet crew, each of you is assigned a job on the ship. Write down your name, a brief description of yourself, and your job title. Also, think about how you might have contact with other crew members.

Have everyone introduce their character, making possible plot notes as they’re talking. Ask follow-up questions about the characters themselves, encouraging others to do the same.

Have each player detail how their PC knows at least one of the other PCs, again asking about any further information.

At this point, you will hopefully have some ideas for the nature of the threat. If not, roll on some of the tables below to fill in the blanks.


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Random Tables

NPC Form

Roll for NPC adjectives on NPC Tables.

  1. Robot
  2. Reptilian alien
  3. Insectoid alien
  4. Mutant
  5. Space pirate
  6. An AI