Roll for Shoes


Body Parts

  1. Head
  2. Left arm
  3. Right arm
  4. Torso
  5. Left leg
  6. Right leg

Specific Body Parts

11 Left ear21 Right ear31 Left eye41 Right eye51 Nose61 Mouth
12 Left shoulder22 Left upper arm32 Left elbow42 Left forearm52 Left wrist62 Left hand
13 Right shoulder23 Right upper arm33 Right elbow43 Right forearm53 Right wrist63 Right hand
14 Left upper24 Right upper34 Left middle44 Right middle54 Left lower64 Right lower
15 Left hip25 Left thigh35 Left knee45 Left shin/calf55 Left ankle65 Left foot
16 Right hip26 Right thigh36 Right knee46 Right shin/calf56 Right ankle66 Right foot

NPC Tables

Roll D66 (two D6 side by side) for each of the tables below.


11 Adorable31 Filthy51 Slender
12 Attractive32 Furry52 Slimy
13 Bald33 Glamorous53 Spiky
14 Bearded34 Huge54 Stinky
15 Beefy35 Lanky55 Stylish
16 Bony36 Muscular56 Sunburned
21 Bulky41 Obese61 Tall
22 Chiseled42 Pasty62 Tattooed
23 Chubby43 Petite63 Tentacled
24 Clean44 Scary64 Tiny
25 Creepy45 Shifty65 Ugly
26 Elderly46 Short66 Voluptuous


11 Annoying31 Fearless51 Noisy
12 Arrogant32 Fidgety52 Optimistic
13 Awkward33 Friendly53 Quiet
14 Bossy34 Grumpy54 Rowdy
15 Clumsy35 Judgemental55 Rude
16 Confident36 Kind56 Sad
21 Courageous41 Lazy61 Sarcastic
22 Demanding42 Maniacal62 Selfish
23 Embarrassed43 Mean63 Shy
24 Enthusiastic44 Messy64 Silly
25 Evil45 Murderous65 Simple-Minded
26 Excited46 Nervous66 Stubborn